Our Vision

We have a desire to see shooters of any age and any experience level to grow in skill and confidence. Someone wise once said "practice does not make perfect ... perfect practice makes perfect." We believe that training and practice go hand and hand - one without the other is pointless.

Our Story

I started shooting for the first time at the age of 50. I did not grow up with guns but did not have "anti-gun" feelings. Once I shot MY own gun, I was hooked. As the heading on the home page says "Shooting is a Blast!" I had so much fun I began to do research online and foundĀ The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters. From that point on, my passion grew not only for shooting but for teaching other women (and men) the joy and confidence that comes from the shooting sports.

Within a few months, I had obtained my License to Carry and started on the path to becoming an instructor. It has been an incredible road filled with very inspirational people who are encouraging me every step of the way.

While I am the instructor for PWFT, this is still OUR story as I could NOT do this without the complete support of my husband and family.

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Certifications & Qualifications


Basics of Pistol Shooting

Refuse to Be a Victim

Personal Protection in the Home

Range Safety Officer


The Well Armed Woman Certified Instructor

Texas DPS License to Carry Certified Instructor

TWAW Shooting Chapters Chapter Leader

Shooter Ready!

Some of the range commands you will hear are "Shooter Ready?" "Shooter Ready!" "Fire!" This is your command to take charge and act!